Centre for IT Development and Services

ICT Guidelines & Policies

UNIMAS staff and students are advised to read, understand and acquaint with the UNIMAS ICT Policies, Dasar Keselamatan ICT UNIMAS (DKICT) and CITDS SOP. Any violation of the rules and procedures stated in these document may result in disciplinary or legal actions. These document will be reviewed on a yearly basis and amendments may be made to comply with the international/government standards and guidelines. Please refer to these document when there are inquiries pertaining to the usage and governance of ICT assets of the university.

UNIMAS ICT Usage Policy

This document provides users in UNIMAS with principles, rules and guidelines pertaining to the proper use of existing UNIMAS ICT resources for teaching, research, administration and other scholarly activities in line with best practices and the current laws governing the use of ICT in the country. Read more...
UNIMAS ICT Governance Policy

This document provides ICT service providers in UNIMAS with principles, rules and guidelines pertaining to the proper governance of existing ICT resources to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in teaching, research, administration and other scholarly activities. ICT service providers are advised to read and to be familiar with this policy. Read more...
Dasar Keselamatan ICT UNIMAS

UNIMAS has adopted Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT) as a means of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of university data as well as any information systems that store, process or transmit university's data. UNIMAS DKICT sets out the responsibilities and the procedures to be followed to safeguard the resources provided and the confidentiality and integrity of the information held thereon. Read more...(*Contain in Bahasa Malaysia)

CITDS' SOP introduces users and management to the general aspects of CITDS' management functions including project management, application development, database administration, handling of customer requests/needs/trainings, management of the ICT hardware and software, ICT security, data recovery etc. This SOP also includes forms and checklists of items use for managing the university ICT processes. Read more...(*Contain in Bahasa Malaysia)



Following are the circulars for Bursary, Registrar and ICT for reference. Read more...