Centre for IT Development and Services

Tag-it Magazines

In the effort to reach its customers, UNIMAS has created a homegrown ICT-based magazine known as Tag-it. This hip-n-fun-n-richly-informative ICT magazine is published twice a year and available FREE OF CHARGE in the form of paper as well as e-book. In each issue, Tag-it focused on specific theme and the articles chosen will reflect the theme. The workforce behind the magazine such as editors, graphic designers, reporters and photographer are of CITDS' staff.

The magazine named "Tag-it", has been chosen through a competition which has been ultimately won by Ms Ling Sze Ting, a UNIMAS Staff. She and the other top 3 participants were featured in the first edition of Tag-it as a reward. From the first issue, Tag-it has actually been distributed not only within campus but also to reach the other domestic Higher Learning Institutes in Malaysia.

Here are some of the published magazines.

Publication Oct 2012 | Issue 1
Publication Apr 2013 | Issue 2
Publication Oct 2013 | Issue 3
Publication Apr 2014 | Issue 4
Publication Oct 2014 | Issue 5
Publication Apr 2015 | Issue 6
Publication Oct 2015 | Issue 7
Publication 2016 | Issue 8
Publication 2017 | Issue 9
Publication 2018 | Issue 10
Publication 2019 | Issue 11
Publication 2020 | Issue 12