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Student Management

Student Management System is the core in UNIMAS operation system. It was specifically developed for managing, processing and maintaining student records from the beginning of the registration until the final studies in the university. This system integrated between separated divisions and centres:

• Undergraduate Studies Division (BPPs)
• Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS)
• Student Affairs and Alumni Division (BHEP)
• Centre for Pre-University Studies
• International Affairs Division (IAD)
• Centre for Language Studies (CLS)
• Faculties

This system was developed into separated modules:

• ePelajar
• eDaftar
• Semester 2 Registration
• Course Registration
• Pemilihan Program Sarjana Muda
• Penilaian
• Pengurusan Pengguna & Modul
• Laporan & Statistik
• Account Setting
• Pengurusan Calon

• eDaftar
• Semester Registration
• Course Registration
• ePelajar
• eMarkah
• Kemasukan Semester Kedua
• Kemasukan Saluran Kedua
• Pelan Pembelajaran
• Penijazahan
• ePaymentAuth
• Penyeliaan Pelajar
• User Management
• Tatatertib Akademik
• Graduan Prasiswazah
• Account Setting
• SMP Utiliti
• Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar
• Laporan Statistik
• Pengurusan Pelajar Prasiswazah
• Penilaian UG
• Foto Pelajar
• Mobiliti Pelajar
• Jubah Graduan

• eDaftar
• Semester Registration
• Course Registration
• eStudent
• eMarkah
• Online Application
• eGraduan
• eProgress Report
• eStatistik
• eStudent Registration Management
• eSupervisor Examiner
• Pengurusan Pelajar
• Penilaian
• Utiliti
• Account Setting CGS

• Online Application

• eVoting
• eUndi Senat
• Alumni
• Pengurusan Kolej
• eCounselling
• Kolej Kediaman
• Pakej MAP
• Pengurusan Pemajuan Pelajar
• Tajaan Pelajar
• Disiplin
• FMHS Student Management System

• Semak Graduan
• MyRA
• MyMohes
• Sistem Kursus Intensif
• Semakan Keputusan UPU Online

All qualified student will be given access to the system. Their account will be created automatically during registration process and trigger them as active student immediately. Therefore, there is no requisition needed for the account.

Any enquiry or problem pertaining to the system can be channel to UNIMAS Support.

Management Information System

MyFAS is a comprehensive set of financial accounting application that enable UNIMAS to efficiently manage procurement activities, customer and vendor interactions, ledgers, account receivable and expenditure budgeting, student finance and asset.

Following are some of the main modules in MyFAS :-

• General Setup
• Purchasing
• Account Receivable including Student Financial - Charges and Payment for Semester Fees, Disciplinary, Sponsor & Residential College
• Account Payable
• General Ledger
• Budgeting
• Asset and Inventory Management
• Store Management
• Payroll Interface through Human Capital Management (HCM) System
• Cash Management
• Loan Management
• ePayment
• Online Services (Advance, Claim)
• Good and Service Tax (GST)

New features in MyFAS :-

• Access your travel claims, loan application, salary information, income tax returns through your own Financial Portal
• Online payments made easy
• Monitor your financial transactions online
• Vendors will be able to monitor their various financial transactions through their own online portal.
• Towards SAGA Compliance

HCM is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management system that facilitates management of the full range of HCM functions and responsibilities. HCM gives UNIMAS the needed tools to manage its most important asset i.e. the people.

Currently UNIMAS HCM encompass :

• Employment and Organisation Development
• Promotion
• Service Management
• Human Capital Development
• Study Leave Management
• Emolument
• Medical Facility
• Payroll
• UNIMAS Clinic Panel

Some of the modules in this system are:-

• Employee Self Service (Personal Information, Payslip, EC Form, LNPT, Increment Information, Medical Facility Summary)
• Recruiting
• Workforce Administration
• Benefits
• Compensation
• Global Payroll
• Workforce Development
• Organizational Development
• Training
• Annual Appraisal
• Performance Evaluation
• Administer Study Leave
• Career Advancement
• Overtime Claim
• Jobs_unimas
• Recruitment

IRIS was developed to cater the requirement of researchers, lecturers and staff in Research & Innovation Management Centre (RIMC). The functionality of this system is to input and store all the information regarding researches in UNIMAS. Besides that, this system prepares data and produces systematic reports to relevant parties especially management of UNIMAS and Ministry of Education (MOE).

It is a one-stop application system to cater for the needs of UNIMAS researchers.

• Internal Grant Application
• Research Monitoring and Management
• Research Progress Report
• Publication Management
• Intellectual Property Management
• Consultancy Management
• Seminar Record

Access to IRIS only granted to researchers, UNIMAS lecturers and relevant Centres.

Office Automation

Generic Office Environment (GOE) is one of the flagship for MSC Malaysia. The objectives of the GOE system are to enhance the method in executing work process by broadcasting services through ICT & multimedia. GOE also fontly known as Electronic Office Environment which stimulate the productivity by perform as a stop center for managing information, communication & collaboration.

GOE system was developed to assist in storing, access and distributed important document electronically. Furthermore, working proseses that were transfered electronically will speed up the services offered to users/customers. This is possible because the approval/verification can be done online.

Following are some of the modules/applications :

• Meeting Management
• ICT Hardware
• Software Directory
• Booking
• Furniture
• Transport Sticker
• Banner
• ICT Accessories Store
• Stationary Store
• Souvenir
• Region/District of Origin Transportation Application
• Welfare Fund Application
• Science Fund
• Refreshment
• Leave
• Disposal
• Door Access
• Lab Equipment
• One Stop Support
• Office/Event Attendance
• Wiki
• Institutional Repository (IR)
• Library System

Mobile Application

Mobile application development is in line with the current trend of smart devices adoption and usage which now has become a norm among UNIMAS community.

UNIMAS Now is the first official mobile application for UNIMAS. This application enables users to receive notification of all the upcoming UNIMAS's events and announcement instantly and directly the same way you receive your messaging or Whatsapp messages. It also incorporates staff/student Virtual ID and features to scan QR Code for office and event attendance..