Email Services

Email services are provided for both students and staff of UNIMAS :

Students' Email

UNIMAS students’ email is known as Emel Siswa. By utilizing Google Apps technology, it offers features such as Google Apps, Google Docs and Google Calendar. The mailbox size allocated is 7GB per student. This service will be assigned to students upon registration, however, in certain cases (late registration and etc.), the student can request through ICT Service Desk to acquire their new email

Staff Email

UNIMAS Staff email is using IBM Lotus Notes platform which is known as Dominomail. It also supports services such as Calendaring and Address Book.

Dominomail also can be access via Web at webmail.unimas.my or dominomail.unimas.my and via downloading the ibm verse mobile application services for both Android and Apple smartphones.

In addition, the Lotus Notes system also supports applications such as Leave Application System, Smartcard Attendance System (SAS) and other generic office environment systems.

Video Conference

This video conference services, conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites to transmit audio and video data. We have two (2) sets of video conferencing equipment and one (1) unit of portable video conference equipment. The former is located at the Chancellery and the Centre for Academic Information Services buildings. The portable set on the other hand is available at CITDS.

Applications to acquire the video conference services can be made via UNIMAS ICT Service Desk

SMS Gateway

UNIMAS SMS Gateway is a Short Messaging System (SMS) offered to UNIMAS community. The purpose is to disseminate information via SMS blasting. The SMS platform is provided by MAMPU in collaboration with DAPAT Vista Sdn. Bhd.

• Information-on-Demand:

- Exam result
- Student's BSN ID
- UNIMAS Address
- BPPs Address
- CITDS Address
- Names and numbers of Faculties, Centres and Institutes

• Document-on-Demand:

- ICT Policy

This SMS services is charge according to the SMS services used respectively.

Instant Messaging

Lotus Sametime is offered to UNIMAS Staff as instant messaging application. It works as effective and efficient as any other instant messaging programs in the market. This application is integrated in Lotus Email Client. The mobile version of Lotus Sametime or 3rd party application such as Pidgin are also available as alternatives.

Email Filtering

UNIMAS filters every incoming and outgoing email using Symantec Brightmail Gateway. Emails are filtered from spams, viruses and threats. For request and technical support, please contact ICT Service Desk