Ts.Latifah Loh Abdullah
Ts.Latifah Loh AbdullahDirector (Ext. +6082-583867)
Ts. Latifah Loh Abdullah
Ts. Latifah Loh AbdullahDirector (Strategic & Application) (Ext. +6082-583862)
Ts. Alhadi bin Bujang
Ts. Alhadi bin BujangPrincipal Assistant Director (ICT Infostructure & Infrastructure) (Ext. +6082-583861)
Flora Anak Intai
Flora Anak IntaiPrincipal Assistant Director (Resources Management And Commercialization Division) (Ext. +6082-583844)
Ts. Alhadi bin Bujang
Ts. Alhadi bin BujangPrincipal Assistant Director (User Technical Support And Operation Division) (Ext. +6082-583861)
Majina binti Sulaiman
Majina binti SulaimanPrincipal Assistant Director (Strategic Application Division) (Ext. +6082-583846)
Ismawati bt Razali
Ismawati bt RazaliSenior Assistant Director (Academic Application Division) (Ext. +6082-583876)
Khairilzamrie bin Rosle
Khairilzamrie bin RosleSenior Assistant Director (Advance Technology And Administrative Application Division) (Ext. +6082-583859)
Mahani binti Huja Husin
Mahani binti Huja HusinSenior Assistant Director (Administrative Application Division) (Ext. +6082-583870)
Murniza bt Aziz
Murniza bt AzizSenior Assistant Director (Application Operations Division) (Ext. +6082-583860)
Siti Sabrina binti Sabri
Siti Sabrina binti SabriSenior Assistant Director (Data Centre Division) (Ext. +6082-583873)
Kamarulzaman bin Sharif
Kamarulzaman bin SharifSenior Assistant Director (Network Development And Operation Division) (Ext. +6082-583843)
Azman Bin Hussin
Azman Bin HussinSenior Assistant Director (ICT Security Division) (Ext. +6082-583879)
Irmah bt Dolhan
Irmah bt DolhanSenior Assistant Registrar (Administration And Financial Management Unit) (Ext. +6082-583930)

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